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We are providing high quality comprehensive exam focused training for UPDA MMUP EXAM QATAR and preparation support for achieving MME License in 1st attempt through our Practice exams and full fledged MME documents submission support during the past 3 years.

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  • MMUP UPDA Qatar Exam is a Computer-based one-hour exam
  • 25 or 27 objective questions(each question has 4 or 5 options answers) are displayed and need to get thirteen (13) right answers
  • Each right answer calculated as four marks
  • Every applicant can avail of exam four chances until getting your license
  • Those who are all availing the first exam can suppose to know the result immediately
  • Can access the system calculator if needed
  • Could not find or customize the UPDA syllabus for this exam. Kindly find the expected syllabus from our overall collective information from the participants, who got licenses from UPDA/MMUP/MME.


  • MME is awarding grades such as trainee, A, B, and C after successful completion of a computer-based test
  • Grade Assessment factors are experience, exam score, educational background, and job roles from your career profile.
  • Trainee (0 to 5 years experience), “C” grade (5-7 years experience), “B” grade (7 & above years’ experience), “A” grade (10 & above years’ experience)
  • UPDA MMUP MME license holders can renew every 3 years once obtaining a license. (At that moment, engineers shall request for upgrading their grade)

UPDA University List (<<Click here for India / Flipino / Pakistan Etc,,, University List)


  1. You can apply for the exam as usual, while submitting, in the university column you may choose some other listed universities from your countries listed.
  2. In the MMUP review process, they will reject your application and initiate the process of adding your university. print out the rejection letter and apply for Degree Equivalency through the Ministry of Education online System.
  3. They have 2 departments here, one handling the high school Equivalency Certificate and the other university Equivalency.
  4. You need to get your 10th and 12th Mark-sheet attested and then submit the same along with an application form to the high school department which will then verify and issue an equivalency certificate after a week.
  5. Upon obtaining a school equivalency certificate, you need to apply for a degree equivalency certificate. in their online system. They will provide you with a data waiver form which should be filled with personal details & college details and the contact person in college along with your university/college Email ID (official, they don’t accept Gmail or Yahoo or other IDs) and returned back to them along with a copy of your degree certificate.
  6. They send a mail to the concerned person at college and once he responds they form a committee to accept or reject your application and then issue a Degree equivalency letter.


The general the procedure to get Qatar PCC for UPDA MMUP Exam Qatar

  1. Get your home country PCC from respective embassy.
  2. Get it attested at MOFA, Qatar (C Ring Road Near Gulf Cinema).
  3. Take the attested home Country PCC along with couple of photos to CIED Office on Salwa Road.
  4. Fill the application form and handover the home country PCC in original along with photo to them.
  5. After 3-4 working days, you will receive a SMS to collect the Qatar PCC.
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MMUP Exam Questions Syllabus Training

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