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Electrical Installations, Inspection and Testing

Need & Benefit

This electrical installation training course is an engineering skills development program that will provide the engineers and senior technicians of electrical plants with a quick reference of the major elements that they operate and maintain. This is not intended to be a theoretical document. It will help in the correct definition of equipment, in numerous practical installation situations.

An electrical plant requires knowledge of different elements that include cables, transformers, switch gears, Generators, and VAR compensators. Real application examples are provided to comprehend the operation of the electrical systems.


  • Know more information of power system construction and operation.
  • Know the new technology of electrical installation systems.
  • Know the selection and operation of power transformer.
  • Know the new technology of the feeder’s selection.
  • Understanding power factor correction methods.
  • Understanding control and protection of power system.
  • Understand the handover procedure of electrical installations
  • Understand the testing and maintenance techniques of electrical installations.
  • Senior and Junior engineers involved in the electrical power system installation operation and management. In addition, the course will be valuable to senior technicians working in large industrial applications. The course targets also high qualified technician who are involved with the operation, control and protection of electrical installations.

This course designed as engineering skills development training program which will help the construction industry personnel to enhance their practical knowledge and skills on the Electrical Installation, inspection and Testing.


  • The Major Basic Elements of Electrical Installations
    • Generation, transmission and distribution
  • Design aspects in order to chooses of various components of a Power Electrical Networks
    • System Layout
    • Line Construction
    • Routing
    • Cables Design aspects of Power Distribution Systems


  • Transformers
    • Types of Transformers
    • Operation of Power transformer
  • VAR Compensators
    • Selection of VAR Compensator
    • Operation of VAR compensator


Electrical Installation Protection

  • Fault current calculation
  • Microcomputer Controlled Relays
  • Circuit Breakers and Fuses
  • Selective coordination


  • Electrical Installations Handover
  • Electrical Installations Maintenance
    • Electrical preventive maintenance
    • Reliability-Centered Maintenance
    • Optimization of Preventive Maintenance
    • Overview of Testing and Test Methods


Electrical Installations, Maintenance and Testing

  • Resistance measurements
  • Polarity and phase-relation tests
  • No-load loss test
  • Dielectric tests

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  • 15 Hours of Training to enhance the practical Knowledge and skills in installation, inspection and testing
  • Complete Set of Study Materials Soft Copy
  • Learning from Industry Experts in the field of Construction Engineering Practice

Value Added Benefits

  • Flexible Timings / Evening Sessions
  • Industry Experienced Experts as Faculties
  • Leading & Professional Training Provider for QCDD Exam, MMUP UPDA Exam, PMP & other management certification programs over past 10 years in Qatar, Kuwait & India
  • Engineering Skills Development Training Program (ESKD)
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