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Electrical Design Engineering as per MEW Regulation, Kuwait


  • Electrical Load Calculating & Cable Sizing with Measuring the Voltage Drops Percentage for All Cables.
  • Lighting Sys. Design with Wiring Descriptions for The Light Circuits. And Preparing Design Drawing for Lighting as per Lux Calculation Functions and as per Lux Rate Which Approved With (MEW)
  • Prepare and Design The D.B Schedules & Single Line Diagrams with Calculate All Rating of The Panel Components of Db And Main Switch Board as Per (MEW)
  • Know A Lot of Important Notes and Tricks About the Mew Rules with Making Electrical Design Drawing.
  • Cable Tray Sizing Method Approved by Mew and Check the Types Approved at Kuwait.
  • Selecting The Transformer Size Which Is Suitable According To The Final Loads At Your Project. And Specify The Brakers Size. And Busbar Are Used In Side Panels.
  • Calculate The Rate Of Generators As Per Emergency Loads At Your Projects And How To Select The Capacitor Bank For Power Factor Enhancing

Delegates working in leadership roles who desire to enhance their leadership competencies and maximize effectiveness in current positions. This is an experiential-based dynamic process whereby delegates not only to know, but also learn to reflect on and to apply knowledge.This course is recommended for anyone involved with the Design and construction of Projects.

  • Clients Representatives
  • Electrical Engineers
  • ELV Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Engineering Project Managers,
  • Site Officers and Managers,
  • Construction Engineers,
  • Project Engineers and Operation Engineers.

This course designed as engineering skills development training program which will help the construction industry personnel


  • Review of MEW regulations


Design of the follows as per MEW regulations and requirements

  • Small Power Layouts using all cables and wires types.
  • Main Power Layouts using all types of cables and bus ducts.
  • Ear thing System
  • Schematic Diagram using all types of cables and bus ducts.
  • Voltage Drop calculations for cables.
  • Voltage drop calculations for bus ducts.
  • Audio visual alarm (AVA)
  • Construction of all electrical plans.
  • Connections with BMS System.
  • Connections with fire alarm system.
  • Coordination with all others electro mechanical systems to provide the suitable power supply points for equipment’s.
  • Calculation of cable trays.
  • Calculation of MEW loads form.
  • Power Factor correction.
  • Diesel Generator


Lighting Layout

  • Selection of Light fixtures (types and IP).
  • Selection of Emergency and Exit light fixtures and design the lighting layouts based on KFD regulation and requirements.
  • Lux Calculations.
  • Regular lighting control panels with push buttons.
  • Diming system (with standalone dimmer switch and purely diming system).
  • Wiring for Lighting circuits (normal and emergency)
  • Lighting circuits with normal switches 1 way, 2 way, intermediate and motion sensors.
  • Central Battery System.

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  • 30 Hours of Training to enhance the practical Knowledge and skills in Electrical Design Engineering
  • Complete Set of Study Materials Soft Copy

Value Added Benefits

  • Learning from Industry Experts in the field of Design and Construction Engineering Practice
  • Flexible Timings / Evening Sessions
  • Engineering Skills Development Training Program (ESKD)
  • Leading & Professional Training Provider for QCDD Exam, MMUP UPDA Exam, PMP & other management certification programs over past 10 years in Qatar, Kuwait & India
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