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MMUP Civil Training Video

MMUP UPDA Exam Training- MMUP Civil -Session 1 - Introduction

MMUP Civil - Session 2- Structural Analysis - MMUP UPDA Exam Training

MMUP Civil - Session 3 - Structural Analysis MMUP UPDA Civil Engineering Virtual Training

MMUP Civil Exam for Engineers in Qatar - MMUP UPDA Exam Session 4

MMUP Mechanical Training Video

Webinar 3 - MMUP Mechanical - NFPA Standards & Fluid Mechanics

MMUP UPDA Exam-Fluid Mechanics Session 2

UPDA Qatar Exam questions - Mech Virtual Training - Fluid Mechanics Session 1

MMUP Mech Virtual Training - Fluid Mechanics session 2

MMUP Electrical Training Video

MMUP UPDA Electrical Exam - Electrical Fundamentals

MMUP UPDA Exam - Electrical Fundamentals

UPDA Qatar Exam Questions Electrical l MMUP Electrical exam l UPDA Qatar Exam questions Electronics

UPDA Qatar Exam Syllabus l UPDA Reviewer l MMUP Exam Questions for Electronics engineers Session 2

Project Management Training Video

PMP Course in Qatar / PMP Training in Qatar / Project Management Course in Qatar- Virtual Training

Project Management courses in Qatar i PMP Certification Virtual training June 2020- Session 5

Project Management Courses- PMP Training Session 3 _ Overview of PM Processes-Virtual Training

Project Management Courses- PMP training Session 4 - Overview of PM Processes- Virtual Training

QCDD Mechanical Training Video

Qatar Civil Defence Exam for Mechanical Engineers - Virtual Training June 2020- Session 1

QCDD Mechanical Engineering Exam Preparation Virtual Training June 2020- Session 3

QCDD Mechanical Exam Preparation / QCDD Exam Sample Questions -Virtual Training June 2020 Session 4

QCDD exam for Mechanical Engineers /QCDD Mechanical Exam Preparation- Virtual Training - Session 2

Webinar Series

Webinar 3 - MMUP Mechanical - NFPA Standards & Fluid Mechanics


WEBINAR 1 – MMUP UPDA Exam Preparation Strategy to pass in 1st Attempt

UPDA Qatar Exam Syllabus / Webinar 5 Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics held on 08 June 2020


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