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UPDA MMUP Chemical Engineer Registration Exam Preparation


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MME (Ministry of Municipality and Environment) Engineer’s registration in Qatar– Qatar MMUP Exam for Chemical Engineering, MMUP Chemical Engineering Questions for Chemical Engineers Registration Preparatory Training for attending MMUP computer-based MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) in Chemical Engineering Discipline.


UPDA MMUP Chemical Engineering  Exam Preparation Course is presented as PowerPoint presentations that are explained by the instructor while keeping students engaged via real-life examples, questions, and topic discussions. Flip boards and charts will be used to demonstrate key points.

Students will also be given quizzes at the end of each chapter to solidify their knowledge, as well as additional practice questions of MMUP chemical engineering questions to take home and prepare for the exam. The sessions will be MCQ-oriented to make the engineers familiar with the patterns and gain speed and accuracy in tackling the MCQ-type of questions.

Course Wrap Up & Mock Exam

Here, we go over the course’s key points reminding students about each area, concept, and technique and how they connect and add value to prepare the participants thoroughly. The instructor will also review the application process with the students in order to make sure, they are ready to apply and sit for the MME exam and know how to approach the examination process.

Highlights of MMUP Electrical Exam Preparation training

  • Training will be conducted by Industry Experienced & Accredited Trainers
  • Complete ppt course presentation, pdf materials (soft copy) for refreshing the fundamental Engineering concepts will be provided to training participants
  • Chapter-wise simulation exercises will be performed during the training
  • The full-length simulation will be conducted for MMUP questions as part of the training
  • Free Re-training will be facilitated in our public training programs for No-pass participants at Green International’s premises by inducting them into ongoing training sessions
  • Guidance will be provided for the MME application process and submission.

Some QFacts about Green International

Green International is a Leading and Pioneer MMUP training Center in Qatar conducting MMUP Civil, MMUP Mechanical, MMUP Electrical, MMUP Architecture, MMUP Chemical, PMP Certification Training, UPDA Exam Syllabus / MMUP Exam Syllabus training. We are providing high-quality comprehensive exam-focused training and study materials and document submission support for MMUP Exam in Qatar to achieve MME License in 1st attempt through our Mock Up exams and full-fledged intensive coaching.

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  • UPDA conducts the same exam for 30+ different country Engineers, each country follows different textbooks and syllabus. Green International is providing a suitable platform for the preparation of the UPDA Exam for working professionals as it is not easy to get time for revising all engineering subjects individually.
  • Green Intl classes would help individuals to focus on the fundamentals of Engineering and a few important areas, which increases the chances of clearing the exams
  • Our Past training participants shared their exam experiences and questions through our 100+ groups
  • Those who are availing of our training will be able to learn updated course contents & the latest FRQ-asked questions in your live classroom training sessions.
  • Green Intl training is the Best shortcut method and easiest way to achieve the MME License
    Providing UPDA EXAM SYLLABUS TRAINING and QCDD License training for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers for those who have achieved MME License

Chemical Engineers and related discipline Professionals with Bachelor degree in Engineering working in the Engineering and construction field in Qatar

  • Valid Qatar ID
  • Must be a Qatari citizen or resident of the State.
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent from a university or institute.
  • Be in possession of full civil capacity.
  • Must have a good track record and reputation, must be never been convicted of a felony or sentenced to prison for an offence involving moral turpitude or dishonesty, what he has been rehabilitated.
  • To pass the tests of the technical capabilities in the field of specialization, according to the conditions and controls established by a decision on the recommendation of the Committee

Session 1

Introduction and Discussion on How to Apply for UPDA Exam

Heat Transfer

  • Conduction, Convection, Overall Heat Transfer coefficienct, Reynolds number, Prantle number, Nusselt Number etc
  • Q&A Review: MME Exam Sample Questions 20 -30 questions

Session 2

Process Calculation – Material Balance

  • Batch process, continuous process, steady State and unsteady State
  • Q&A Review: MME Exam Sample Questions 20 – 30 questions

Session 3

Process Calculation – Energy Balance

  • Thermodynamics: Enthalphy, Entrophy, Ideal Gas law, Boyels law, Charles Law, Dalton’s Law, Joule-Thomsaon effect, homogenous Hetrogeneous systems
  • Internal Energy, Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, Work, Energy requirements, Carnot cycle
  • Q&A review: MME Exam sample Questions 20 – 30 Questions

Session 4

Process Calculation – Energy Balance

  • Thermodynamics: Enthalphy, Entrophy, Ideal Gas law, Boyels law, Charles Law, Dalton’s Law, Joule-Thomsaon effect, homogenous Hetrogeneous systems
  • Internal Energy, Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, Work, Energy requirements, Carnot cycle
  • Q&A review: MME Exam Sample Questions 20 – 30 Questions

Session 5

Reaction Kinetics

  • First Order, second order, half-life period, Arhenius Equation, Batch Reactor, CSTR
  • Q&A Review: MMUP Chemical Engineering Questions 10-20 Questions

Session 6


  • Stripping Section, Distillation section, Dew point and bubble point liquid and vapour, no of theoretical plates, Reflux ratio, Boil-up ratio
  • Q&A Review: 10-20 Question

Cost and Economic Analysis

  • Direct, indirect, fixed, variable cost, break even analysis, labor cost calculation, Earned value analysis
  • Break even analysis, Depreciation techniques, NPW, Rate of return, Annual cost, capital cost, payback period.
  • Q&A – Review 10-15 question

Session 7

Project Management Knowledge

Scope Management & Time Management

  • What Does Scope Mean?
  • WBS
  • Validate Scope & Control Scope
  • What is an Activity,
  • Work Package and Milestone
  • AOA {Activity on Arrow}
  • AON {Activity on Node} PDM {Precedence Diagram Method
  • Fast Tracking and Crashing

Cost Management

  • Determine Budget
  • Control Cost Example

Session 8

  • UPDA MMUP Qatar PMP Questions Hands-on Practice Session

Course Fee >> QAR.1500


  • 24 Hours of Interactive Classroom Training / Virtual Training
  • Complete set of  Study materials through a Learning Management System (LMS) which contains updated UPDA Exam Preparation Study Materials, Class Videos, and Mock Tests
  • FRQ asked UPDA Qatar Exam Questions and Solutions through Mock Test Simulation Software.
  • UPDA MMUP Chemical Mock Tests practice through Simulation Software
  • Guidance through WhatsApp Groups

Value Added Benefits

  • Flexible Timings / Evening Sessions
  • Assistance for Application Process
  • Free Retrain for No-Pass Students
  • Industry Experienced, Certified Experts as Faculties
  • Best Institute for UPDA/MMUP Engineers Exam Training
  • Leading and Professional Training Centers in Qatar, Kuwait, Chennai & Mumbai


  • MMUP UPDA Qatar Exam is Computer based one-hour exam
  • 25 or 27 objective questions (each question has 4 or 5 options answers) are displayed and need to get thirteen (13) right answers
  • Each right answer calculated as four marks
  • Every applicant can avail of exam four chances until getting your license
  • Those who are all availing the first exam can suppose to know the result immediately
  • Can access the system calculator if needed


  • MME is awarding grades such as trainee, A, B, and C after successful completion of a computer-based test
  • Grade Assessment factors are experience, exam score, educational background, and job roles from your career profile.
  • Trainee (0 to 5 years experience), “C” grade (5-7 years experience), “B” grade (7 & above years’ experience), “A” grade (10 & above years’ experience)
  • UPDA MMUP MME license holders can renew every 3 years once obtaining a license. (At that moment, engineers shall request for upgrading their grade)
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