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UPDA MMUP Exam Registration Procedure

How to apply for the MMUP /UPDA Engineer’s Exam in Qatar | UPDA MMUP Registration Certification | How to Apply UPDA Exam Qatar | UPDA Registration Qatar Requirements | Qatar Engineering Exam | Engineers & Engineering Committee Enrollment of Engineers

UPDA Stands for Urban Planning and Development Authority and it comes Under MMUP (Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning) currently named MME (Ministry of Municipality and Environment).

What is the Real Moto of UPDA /MMUP in the Engineer’s Registration Process?

The overall development is our primary aim
To achieve progress and prosperity for our country and people
In support of the statement of His Highness and to achieve this aim, His Highness the Emir, Sheikh. Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani – May God protects him, issued law No. (19) for the year 2005 to arrange the practice of engineering professions regarding the establishment of the Committee to accept the engineers and engineering consultancy offices, which is so important event in the serious efforts and aspirations of the State of Qatar in building a modern state that having plans, objectives, and terms to ensure the highest rate of progress and urban development committee.

About law No. (19) for the year 2005
The following Registers are being created in the committee:

  1. Register of Engineers.
  2. Register of local engineering consultancy offices.
  3. Register of global engineering consultancy offices.

His Excellency the Minister of Municipality and Urban Planning may create sub-records for these records according to a suggestion of the Committee, a decision of his Excellency the Minister can be issued in the forms and the registration system of these records according to a proposal of the Commission.

The conditions for registration in the Registry of Engineers:

  1. Must be a Qatari citizen or resident of the State.
  2. Must have a bachelor's degree in engineering or equivalent from a university or institute.
  3. Be in possession of full civil capacity.
  4. Must have a good track record and reputation, must be never convicted of a felony or sentenced to prison for an offense involving moral turpitude or dishonesty, which he has been rehabilitated.
  5. To pass the tests of the technical capabilities in the field of specialization, according to the conditions and
    controls established by a decision on the recommendation of the Committee

Mandatory Registration and Examination for Engineering Professions

The Qatari authorities have announced that all engineering professional expatriates must now register with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and pass an examination regulated by the MME upon issuance of their Qatar Work and Residence Permit. Those already with an engineering profession and job title reflected on their Qatar Work and Residence Permit should register as soon as possible.

It is highlighted that employees with an engineering profession as per their Qatar Work and Residence Permit who fail to register with the MME, shall not be permitted to renew their permits or register new employment contracts with the Ministry of Administrative Labour and Social Affairs (MADSLA). Further, non-compliant workers and their employers may face other penalties, including fines of up to QAR 100,000. Furthermore, employees who no longer work as engineers but hold an engineering profession on their Qatar Work and Residence Permit should consider changing their profession on their Qatar Work and Residence Permit.

It is recommended to comply with the newly implemented ruling and announcement made in Qatar. Engineering expatriates should therefore register with the MME and undergo an examination immediately upon issuance or as soon as possible if already hold a Qatar Work and Residence Permit.

How to apply for the MME/ MMUP/ UPDA / Engineer’s Exam in Qatar?


A) Preliminary Requirements

UPDA MMUP Exam Registration Procedure

  • Bachelor Engineering Degree
  • Qatar Valid ID

*** Need to open Hukoomi Account with the above details with your Qatar Mobile Number. For the new account, we need to go and collect the PIN Number in Qatar post directly nowadays ***

To Open Hukoomi Account

  1. Open the following website (or search Hukoomi-Qatar on Google)
  2. Click ‘Register’ it will prompt you to ENTER your Qatar ID number and mobile number to open the account.
  3. The website will verify your mobile number with Qatar ID and if it is OK you can open the account.

This Hukoomi account can be utilized for other government services also.

B) Check List

#Listed Universities – Check your University whether it is already listed in MMUP Qatar list of universities,
#If not Listed – Need to do Some Paper Works

C) Requirements (Mandatory)

UPDA MMUP Exam Registration Procedure | UPDA Exam Eligibility

#Degree Certificate (Should be Attested from Home Country and Qatar)
#Consolidated Mark sheet /Overall Mark sheet – Need to produce Each Semester attested Mark sheets each, if you don’t have Consolidated Mark sheets
#PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
#Current Working Company Details as per your Qatar ID

Attestation requirements:

All Certificates must be attested by competent Authorities in Home Country and by MOFA in Qatar(Ministry of foreign affairs)

** Need to Produce bonafide Certificate from your College/ university with Attestation from Home Country and MOFA

D) Experience Certificate:

UPDA MMUP Exam Registration Procedure

a) Experience Within Qatar (Submit Experience Certificates with attestation prior to the year 2014, MMUP is not considering experience certificates after 2014 if you are living without Engineer registration)

b) Previous experience certificate (Outside Qatar) shall be attested from relevant authorities of respective countries and finally to be attested by ministry of foreign affairs Qatar.

c) Previous experience from Qatar (if you were worked in Qatar for more than one company) shall be attested from the Chamber of commerce – Qatar and finally to be attested by the ministry of foreign affairs – Qatar.

d) Rest of Qatar Experience is Considerable if it is Attested.

e) For Current Company Employee ID Number is sufficient.

f) Course Completion Certificates such as PMP, REVIT, PRIMAVERA, NFPA, NEBOSH shall be Submitted as additional supporting documents


+974 3340 3359

+974 3111 4862

+974 3110 0686

+974 7770 7245

E) Special / Peculiar Requirements – If University is not listed

How to add a University to MMUP Qatar’s list of Approved Universities?

  1. You can apply for the exam as usual, while submitting, in the university column you may choose some other listed universities from your countries listed.
  2. In the MMUP review process, they will reject your application and initiate the process of adding your university. print out the rejection letter and take that to the Ministry of Supreme Council on C Ring Road (Beside Naseeb Al Rabbi)
  3. They have 2 departments here, one handling the high school section and the other university section.
  4. You need to get your 10th and 12th Mark-sheet attested and then submit the same along with an application form to the high school department which will then verify and issue an equivalency certificate after a week.
  5. Take that certificate and head over to the university section along with your degree certificate. They will provide you with a data waiver form which should be filled with personal details & college details and the contact person in college along with your Email ID (official, they don’t accept Gmail or yahoo or other IDs) and return back to them along with a copy of your degree certificate. They send a mail to the concerned person at college and once he responds they form a committee to accept or reject your application and then issue an equivalency letter.
G) Document Formats (soft copy) for uploading

Make the documents in the following formats after completes the above procedure mentioned.

  1. Engineering degree (PDF-But front side and attested pages should be in a single file. Which means in PDF file first page should be your degree and the second page should be the attested page)
  2. Work experience certificate and training certificate (PDF- same as above)
  3. Qatar PCC (PDF)
  4. Qatar ID (JPEG – Front and back in a single file),
  5. Photo (JPEG)
  6. Passport (PDF-Including stamped page (if applicable) in a single file)
  7. Curriculum vitae (PDF-All pages in a single file)

Note: Give a name to each file. Like Engineering degree, Experience 1, Experience 2, etc. Don’t put the serial number at the front.

H) Document Uploading Procedure

UPDA MMUP Exam Registration Procedure

  1. Again login to the website using the above Hukoomi User ID and password.
    Click English or Arabic language. Then select the Engineers & Engineering committee option.
  2. Click the ‘New engineer registration’ option. Then an uploading page will open which will
    automatically guide you for stage-by-stage uploading. At each stage, you have to upload the relevant documents.
  3. First, you have to feed your personal data.
  4. Second Educational qualifications then experience etc.
  5. Finally, it will ask for any other documents. In that, you have to upload balance documents like curriculum vitae, passport copy, etc.
  6. After clicking the final confirmation, it will generate three pages with all data you feed with a registration number. Print these three pages and keep them with you.
  7. Affix your photo on the generated page and sign in to relevant locations.



+974 3340 3359/ +974 6646 4941

Tel: +974 4476 0135 / +974 4476 0546

Email:  /

How to pass Qatar MME UPDA MMUP Exam from the 1st Attempt to achieve Qatar Engineering License?

UPDA/MMUP Registration Procedure