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MMUP UPDA Exam Training | UPDA Qatar Registration Achievers in Sep-Oct -Nov 2022

UPDA MMUP Exam Registration Achievers in Aug-Sep-Oct_Nov 2022

MMUP Exam Preparation Training Participants Achievement

MMUP UPDA Exam Training | MMUP UPDA Registration | MMUP Exam Preparation | UPDA Qatar Exam Questions | How to apply for MMUP Exam in Qatar

Greetings from Green International, Qatar

Green International, Qatar is a Leader in UPDA Exam Preparation and Project Management Training provider in Qatar with Customized UPDA MMUP Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Architecture, and Chemical Engineering Exam Syllabus

Rigorous coaching, High-Quality Exam Focused Study Material, and Mock tests with hands-on workout sessions from Previous Years UPDA MMUP Qatar Exam Questions from 2012 to 2022, based on Latest Exam Pattern and Weightage on Subjects

Green International’s experts Simplified your UPDA Exam Preparation with a Right & smart Preparation Strategy and UPDA MMUP Qatar Exam Questions shared by the previous training participants. Thus, Joining the Green Intl Course today to begin a structured preparation to achieve success

This is the Smartest and Best Way to Crack Your UPDA Exam on Your 1st Attempt in Qatar.

MMUP UPDA Exam Training

#Prepare Smart with Green International’s Customized Training Courses

#Do not miss the early chance of achieving MME Engineer Registration / License

#Highly focused 10-15 Mockup Exams of MMUP Qatar Exam Questions

MMUP upda exam TRAINING and registration assistance

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High-Quality MMUP UPDA Study Material Since 2016

  • Green International is the only training Institute consistently providing UPDA MMUP Exam Training on a Monthly Basis since 2016.
  • Rigorous Coaching by Expert Trainers along with exam-focused MMUP UPDA Study Material.

UPDA Shortcut

  • Green International has simplified your UPDA Exam Preparation burden with 500+ real data of repeated latest exam questions collected from our past 25,000+ training Participants.
  • Unlimited Live Mock test practices using exam simulation software.

98% Success Rate by UPDA Achievers 

  • Green Intl is proud to verbalize that more than 98% of training participants have achieved their UPDA License from our Training Institute.
  • Green Intl. has resumed their classroom training with the Hightech facility to facilitate Hybrid Learning.

Green Intl’s Value Added Services | To all Participants without Additional Charge 

  • UPDA Documents Submission.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • MME Request Letter for Qatar PCC.
  • Experience and Grades.
  • Grievance Submission.
  • NAS/Hukoomi Account.
  • MOE Equivalency

High-Tech Training Modes 

  • High-Tech Classroom training with Live sharing on each computer screen.
  • Live Interactive Virtual Training option based on participants’ convenience
  • Each Session Recorded Video sharing in their respective WhatsApp groups.
  • Continuous discussions doubt clarifications and sharing of the latest questions by training participants in the WhatsApp group
  • Continuous support until achieving MME License.

Congratulations on MME License Achievement

All the best for your Professional Growth with MMUP UPDA MME Registration

Eng Shweta Mishra

Eng. Shankar Aryal

Eng. Ranjith Bharath

Eng.Mokhtar Ansar

Eng. Avinash Neeli

Eng.Ammar Elsheikh

Eng Farhad Shad

Eng. Sagadeven

Eng. Shalini Antony

Eng Shamael Nabi

Eng. Prasanth Stephen

Eng. Mohammad Ahmad

Eng Mohamed Yasir

Eng. Adur Rahman

Eng. Jishnu Mavila

Eng Hariharan

Eng. Arun Prasad

Eng. Anurag Tiwari

Eng Anil Kumar

Eng Veera Venkata

Eng. Aravind Tamilmani

Eng. Mehfil Ishaq

Eng. Yash

Eng. Sumith Manoharan

Eng.Shanthi Rajendran

Eng Soumiha

Eng. Mohd Adil Mohd

Eng. Rehan Kasam

Eng. Dony Joeseph

Eng. Jinu Rajan

Eng. Abdul Vaceem

Eng Amr Hussain

MMUP UPDA Exam Training

Eng.Anas Mohammed

Eng. Arun Muthupandian

Eng.Athul Rajasenan

Eng. Hassan Kdouh

Eng. Jose Kochukunjan

Eng. Rahul Alexander

Eng. Rupali Tushar

Eng. Santhosh Kumar

Eng.Mohammed Sameer

Eng.Abdul Rasheed

Eng. Nazeemuddin

Eng. Amir Khaliq Fazal

Eng.Sharmila Banu


Eng. Thousef Ahamed

Eng. Karthik

Eng.Rhethwik Parambil

Eng. Mohamed Riza

Eng. Sreekanth

Eng. Mohammad Sabir

Eng. Praveen Mohan

Eng.Mohammad Shahid

Eng. Muhammed Rizwan

Eng. Ahmad Fathy

Eng. Nazbeer

Eng. Nazmal Basheer

Eng. Nawaz Ahmad

Eng.Nnoko Ekane

Eng. Balakrishnan

Eng. Salam Ismael

Eng. Atul Kumar

Eng. Jaseel

Eng. Melvin

Eng. Dheebak

Eng. Sureshkumar

Eng. Jaffar Shah

Eng. Krupa Sagar

Eng.Nawaz Ahmad

Eng. Sathyajeth M.S, PMP, PMI-RMP

Eng. Rita Chakraborty, PMP

Eng. Hanane Dargham, PMP

Eng. Mohamed Shakib Raja,PMP

Eng. Rajkumar Annadurai, PMP

Eng. Sathyajeth M S, PMP

Eng. Junaid Ahmad,PMP

Eng. Gokul Ravali, PMP

Eng.Kishore Koshi

upda qatar exam registration


MMUP Qatar Exam Questions Practice Exams

Call On All Engineers working in Qatar

Contact our Expert consultants for One-Stop Service until achieving MME Registration

Contact our Consultants: +974 3340 3359 / 6646 4941 / 3110 0686

We are happy to update the Training Schedule for Nov-Dec 2022


14/12/2022, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7-10 pm for 45 Hrs



25/12/2022, Sun & Tue 7:00 pm– 10:00 pm 36 Hrs



20/12/2022, Sun-Tue-Thu, 7-10 pm for 35 Hrs


UPDA Civil

11/12/2022, Sun-Tue-Thu, 7-10 pm for 30 Hrs


UPDA Mechanical

11/12/2022, Sun-Tue-Thu,7-10 pm for 30 Hrs


UPDA Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Communications

11/12/2022, Sun-Tue-Thu,7-10 pm for 30 Hrs


UPDA – Chemical, Petro-Chemical

10/12/2022, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7-10 pm for 24 Hrs


UPDA Architecture

28/12/2022, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7-10 pm for 21 Hrs


Qatar Civil Defence (QCDD) Exam Preparation – Mechanical

28/12/2022, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7-10 pm for 15 Hrs


Qatar Civil Defence (QCDD) Exam Preparation – Electrical

29/12/2022, Sun-Tue-Thu, 7-10 pm for 15 Hrs


Qatar Civil Defence (QCDD) Exam Preparation – Architecture

31/12/2022, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7-10 pm for 15 Hrs


Primavera (P6)

19/12/2022, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7-10 pm for 24 Hrs


LEED Green Associate (LEED GA)

26/12/2022, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7-10 pm for 15 Hrs


Revit Architecture

13/12/2022, Sun-Tue-Thu, 7-10 pm for 30 Hrs


Revit MEP

14/12/2022, Sat-Mon-Wed, 7-10 pm for 30 Hrs



19/12/2022, Monday to Wednesday, 7.00 pm- 9:00 pm



16/12/2022, Fridays Only, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm



28/11/2022, Friday Only, 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm



27/12/2022, Sun & Tuesday, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm



02/12/2022, Tue & Friday, 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm



16/12/2022, Friday Only, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm



09/12/2022, Friday Only, 2.00 pm – 4:00 pm


aPHRI – Associate Professional in Human Resources

16/12/2022 Fridays, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


ISO 45001:2018

25th Nov-23rd Dec 2022 (05 Friday weekend batch) 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


ISO 13485:2016

19th-25th December 2022 (5Days Morning batch) 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Contact our Expert Consultants:

UPDA & Management Training Programs Team

Mob/WhatsApp: +974 6646 4941 / 3340 3359 / 5501 6247


Health & Safety, CFM, ISO Training Programs Team

Mob/WhatsApp: +974 3084 4322 / 7776 5141 / 3098 8433 / 7764 7699 / 3111 4862


Tel: +974 4476 0135 / +974 4476 0546

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